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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Somerset: The Transformation of Hadspen House

South African owner to transform Hadspen House in Somerset into hotel, The Caterer

"The Grade II-listed house and estate are set to be restored and transformed into a hotel with around 30 to 35 bedrooms, a spa and a visitor centre, which will also feature an 80-cover restaurant using fresh produce from the kitchen garden, a 70-80-cover café, pool, farm shop and cider mill...The planning application reads: “The aspiration is to create a high quality environment which will enable the historic park, gardens and buildings to be accessible to the public and to accommodate up to 100,000 visitors per year".

George Eliot: How Others See Us; What Our Friends And Neighbours Think Of Us

"What mortal is there of us, who would find his satisfaction enhanced by an opportunity of comparing the picture he presents to himself of his own doings, with the picture they make on the mental retina of his neighbours? We are poor plants buoyed up by the air-vessels of our own conceit: alas for us, if we get a few pinches that empty us of that windy self-subsistence! The very capacity for good would go out of us. For, tell the most impassioned orator, suddenly, that his wig is awry, or his shirt-lap hanging out, and that he is tickling people by the oddity of his person, instead of thrilling them by the energy of his periods, and you would infallibly dry up the spring of his eloquence. That is a deep and wide saying, that no miracle can be wrought without faith--without the worker's faith in himself, as well as the recipient's faith in him. And the greater part of the worker's faith in himself is made up of the faith that others believe in him.

Let me be persuaded that my neighbour Jenkins considers me a blockhead, and I shall never shine in conversation with him any more. Let me discover that the lovely Phoebe thinks my squint intolerable, and I shall never be able to fix her blandly with my disengaged eye again. Thank heaven, then, that a little illusion is left to us, to enable us to be useful and agreeable--that we don't know exactly what our friends think of us--that the world is not made of looking-glass, to show us just the figure we are making, and just what is going on behind our backs! By the help of dear friendly illusion, we are able to dream that we are charming and our faces wear a becoming air of self-possession; we are able to
dream that other men admire our talents--and our benignity is undisturbed; we are able to dream that we are doing much good--and we do a little".

Sidmouth Smiling

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Report fly-tipping in Dorset; Fly-Tipping Scourge in England; Waste Dumping; Walsall

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste on any land. Report it!

Fly-tipping is on the increase in England | ITV News (YouTube video; filming with the fly-tipping squad).

"Fly-tipping is on the increase in England with hard-pressed councils facing bigger clean-up bills but spending less on tackling those responsible. Government figures show last year there were 675,000 incidents of household waste being illegally dumped in England. ITV's Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports from Walsall on the growing scourge".

The story of Dorchester Radio Station's iconic antennas (Dorset Echo, Book Review)

From Dorset Echo

"Dorchester Radio Station was built in 1925 and began operations in 1927, providing a global telegraph network via the Marconi company. The station was an important part of Marconi's network of beam wireless stations".

Point to Point - A History of International Radio Telecommunications during the Radio Years, by Paul Michael Hawkins