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Monday, 20 March 2017

Scotland (Scandinavia)


The Scotland in Sweden campaign may have had a greater
 long-term impact than was anticipated or appreciated at the time.
 We didn't know where it might lead...
Mixed feelings, in the current atmosphere.
Happier and friendlier days, back then.

For more information:

On the currency question, which would Scotland (the SNP) choose,
 if it had the choice - 
 the pound sterling, the Euro, the Norwegian krone, the Icelandic króna or the Swedish krona?
The bane of all currencies!

The Flower of Scotland - or - Scotland the Brave?

Reviving the old disdain of 'English gold'?

Parcel O'Rogues - Alastair McDonald

Divisive identity politics within Scotland may be nothing new,
but I happen to admire the poetry of both Edwin Muir and Hugh MacDiarmid! 
There's room for everyone. Neil Oliver's BBC 2 documentary,
"Scotland and the Klan" challenged that assumption.

MacDiarmid and Muir: Scottish Modernism and the Nation as Anthropological Site (pdf)  -
 Paul Robichaud

Apart from Muir and MacDiarmid, I often read Douglas Dunn. He came to Prague in 1987

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