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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sweden - A class in Stockholm joined by children from a nearby migrant camp; A Romanian in Poland

From BBC News

Svenska Dagbladet - Säpo: Största säkerhetshotet (SAPO, Swedish Security Service, on Sweden's greatest security threat)

Lyssna på Säpos varning om insiders - 'cases of suspected "insider-agents" of a foreign power, who either applied for jobs at government agencies or who are already working there...An insider may be used to obtain documents and information, or to install surveillance equipment and spyware... A single agent in a central position can cause great harm".

Update: Sweden grapples with the fallout from the Stockholm attack, Euronews

A Romanian in Poland - Lost in Europe, Claudia Ciobanu, Eurozine

"I am a Romanian who has been living in Poland for almost five years.

Before moving to Poland, I would never have referred to my nationality when introducing myself. Where I was born was an accident, and other features described me better. I was a journalist or an environmental activist or a cinema lover or an aspiring boxer (or whatever occupied me the time), much more than I was a Romanian.

But after five years of living in Poland, the fact that I am Romanian ended up saying more about me than other attributes. It is shorthand for being a foreigner in this country: for missing things left behind and for feeling only partly at ease with my surroundings...can we, as foreigners, ever become full members of our host societies and feel that we have a voice in, an understanding of, and an involvement in their politics?"

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