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Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Chinese Community of Greece

"Although the Chinese started immigrating to Greece very late compared to other countries, today Athens is home the newest Chinatown in Europe. We visited the Chinese school, different businesses, and met with the many individuals in the Greek capital. Trying to get a good grasp of the Chinese community in Greece, we realised the two ancient nations have much more in common than they think".

It's impossible to generalise about any community:
Every skilled migrant makes a valuable contribution.

Vitsa, Zagori, 2014
 Shaobo Yang (centre), resident in Greece for six years at time of meeting. 
Yang is an art historian, a photographer and Chinese press/media representative in Greece.
His wife is an expert on the films of Angelopoulos. 
When I met them, Yang was making a comparative study
 of Ancient Greek Mythology and Chinese Calligraphy 
('the cultural high points of two key civilisations', in his view).
Yang gave me a CD of  ancient Chinese lyre music, 
"Mountain and Running (Flowing) Water" 
and took many photographs.

Xeniteia? Dreaming of Home
Corfu blues - Chinese massage, Dassia, Corfu (JP).

Other Chinese News- Mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb discovered under Chinese construction site, MSN, The Independent

Art of China- Andrew Graham-Dixon pieces together the recent discoveries of ancient art that are redefining China's understanding of its origins, including alien-like bronze masks, BBC 4, BBC iPlayer.

"Andrew Graham-Dixon pieces together the spectacular recent discoveries of ancient art that are redefining China's understanding of its origins. He comes face to face with an extraordinary collection of sophisticated alien-like bronze masks created nearly four millennia ago and travels to the Yellow River to explore the tomb of a warrior empress where he discovers the origins of calligraphy. Always seeking to understand art in its historical context, Andrew visits the tomb of the first emperor and comes face to face with the Terracotta Army. He ends his journey in western China, looking at the impact of the arrival of Buddhism from India on the wondrous paintings and sculptures of the Dunhuang caves".


Number of Chinese Tourists Visiting Greece to Rise 10-Fold, from The Greek Crisis

PM Tsipras: Greece and China Share a Common Vision for the Future, Greek Reporter

Chinese Online Travel Platform ‘’ to be presented to Greek Tourism Sector on May 26, Greek Reporter - "the common target for 1,000,000 Chinese tourists annually is feasible over three years,” the Professional Chamber of Athens said in a press release".

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